Green Silk

by Kathryn Ramage

”An emergency in the middle of the night brings the DS9 crew to the war room in their pyjamas and inadvertently reveals the nature of Dr. Julian Bashir’s relationship with Garak.”

Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,134

Just my Luck…

Recently, my mom and I got into and caught up on the television series Psych on Netflix.

There were only six seasons on there.

Of the six seasons, season six was the only one to end with a cliffhanger!

I looked into buying season 7. Inquiring about the DVD box set, the clerk asked, “Did you hear?”

I replied, "Hear what?"

"Psych was cancelled."

"What? What season were they on?!"

"Season 8 is going to be the last one."

Just my luck.

I get into a show, catch up quickly and I KILL THE SHOW!

To top it all off, season 7 was too expensive to buy at the time.

So we waited.




Two weeks ago I caved and ordered Psych season 7 on DVD. Not long after we received the discs and finally found out what happened to Shawn’s dad.


We were watching episode 2 and the disc froze near the end. Whatever, the crime was basically solved so we shrugged it off and move on to episode 3… which froze right at the start.


*face palm*

So we return the discs and get a new set so of course that’s when I get an e-mail from Netflix…

"Psych Season 7 now on Netflix!"

*cries in a corner*

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