Five minutes into tonight’s new episode of ‘Person of Interest’, I felt a spark of enthusiasm for the female characters: Root and Shaw.

An honest to goodness spark!

OMG, right?

I actually thought 'Damn those are awesome girls! I wanna draw them-'

And that’s when Amy Acker’s character gratuitously strips.


Just as I feel a teeny tiny bit of enthusiasm for not one but TWO female fictional characters… The next scene in the new episode has one of those ladies strip gratuitously?


I think not.


Author Spotlight: bookkbaby


As part of destielfanfic’s anniversary celebration, here is an author spotlight by bookkbaby! Some of her fics we’ve reviewed:

You can find her fic master list here on or here on AO3. Other places to find the author: [tumblr].

Behind the cut:

  • About
  • Destiel Fanfic Highlights
    • Bunker!Verse
    • Mute!Cas Verse
    • That Don’t Impress Dean Much
    • Apple Pie
    • Please

Without further ado (and in her own words)…

Read More

I read this a year before meeting the author, bookkbaby, during one of cinensis's livestreams. I didn't realize Bookk wrote this until she shared her Ao3 account with me a while after. Despite them using the same name everywhere.

I am slow. ^^;;

Need to re-read this beauty so I can do  proper fic rec. <3

How to help out your favorite artists when you don’t have any money



I post something like this about once a year, because I get a lot of messages from people who enjoy my art but feel guilty about not buying things from my store or subscribing on Patreon or getting things from my wishlist, etc. You really don’t need to do ANY of those things to help us out! Eyeballs on artwork is what we want, and just that is really helpful. But there are lots of other, free things you can do, if you want to, that will help us.

  • You can reblog our work, with credit! Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, showing people next to you in class or at the library, whatever. The more you reblog our stuff, any kind of stuff, and especially if it has a name and/or link attached, the more followers we get, the happier we are, and the easier we can sell art and pay rent. This is such a vital part of our continued existence and it is difficult to overstate how grateful we are when it happens.

  • You can like, comment, subscribe on Youtube, reply on Twitter, and generally make our little numbers go up. Even if you don’t want a drawing on your blog, hitting “Like” helps. If people are browsing your liked posts (if you have this option available in your sidebar or in a separate page) they will see our work. Additionally, higher note counts translate instantly to “more worthy of being looked at” when parsed by an idle, browsing brain. That’s the price of being a member of a social species, and it stinks because it doesn’t reflect “quality” or “innate value” of art, whatever that is, but a post with 4 digit notes is going to get more positive regard than a post with a 2 digit notecount. And really, it makes sense. If lots of people like a thing, it is likely, if only statistically, that you will too. 

  • You can talk about your favorite artists to your friends. A lot of us idle on skype and irc all day, talking about new album releases and games and twitter beef. It doesn’t occur to a lot of us to talk about how so-and-so just did a cartoon of a fat bird that is making our day slightly better, but that URL pastes just as easily into the chat as any other. Don’t be annoying about it, but like Homeland Security always says, if you see something, say something!

  • You can look at/click the ads on our websites. You can disable AdBlock on our websites, too. I have two little Project Wonderful boxes at the top of my blog. They pay me very little per day, but when I need $20 to stop an overdraft fee or buy a food, Project Wonderful has my back. This has happened about a dozen times, enough to teach me the value of having that last, tiny bit of cash just slowly snowballing in the background.

There is probably other stuff that I’m forgetting, so please feel free to reblog and add them.

also personally I am nuts about getting comments on the site because people talking about the comic is the actual BEST


reasons why you shouldn’t just send actors other people’s fanart without credit on twitter:

  • it’s not yours
  • you don’t even know if the artist was comfortable with having their art shown to the actors in the first place
  • if they did they could’ve done it themselves and be properly credited for their work
  • if the actor retweets/responds to your tweet without credit more people will see it and repost it without credit
  • it’s disrespectful to the artist

so next time you wanna save a fanart you saw on tumblr and tweet it to an actor you stop, think about it, and don’t fucking do it

Timeshare Bed

Night: Human uses bed

Day: Cat uses bed

Mistina60's Online Chibi Commissions

I have opened up online art commissions. There are 3 slots open.

Any signal boosts would be deeply appreciated. <3

World of Warcraft Pets: Feline Familiar


I named mine CATSTIEL.


Dean: You know I hate witches.

Dean: *grumbles as he removes hat from catstiel’s head*

(if only this pet had blue eyes)

My Dad knows me so well!

My dad gets home from errands this morning and I get off the couch to welcome him home and help him put groceries away.

I come back and there’s a Disney Infinity Groot figure in my spot on the couch.



Not long after my Dad asked me to fetch his cellphone from the bathroom where he forgot it. Completely unsuspecting, I went to fetch the phone only to find a Drax figure.

"Oh, silly me! My phone was right here under this pillow."


A little later my dad, not so innocently, said, “I think your cat is hungry. You should go check. By the pet gate. Where he’s looking hungry.”

I run up and find a Rocket figure.




(BTW, I don’t have the Disney Infinity game)

(I just like the figures)

(My Dad knows this)