I spammed my Facebook timeline with Hot Toys photo albums (Marty McFly, Phil Coulson and Maleficent) and this got me thinking…

If they ever made a Castiel doll (you know, from TV’s Supernatural? Oh what am I saying, of course you know!), that would be the only time I’d pony up the 300$.

*grabby hands*

Could Asexuality be a Sign of Evolution?


With overpopulation being as big an issue as it is currently, could it be possible that humanity would evolve to exclude sexual urges? 

It may not be so bad if this were the case. Accidental pregnancy would become virtually non-existent, as individuals would most likely engage in intercourse for the sole purpose of procreation. With less people choosing to procreate, the number of pregnancies annually would greatly diminish and the population may be able to level out at a more sustainable level for the planet’s resources.

As many are beginning to believe that agnosticism and atheism are products of a religious evolution, the idea that asexuality is the same on a sexual basis may not be far off the mark. Perhaps it’s all part of a humanity cycle, and this being the case would simply be sexuality’s version of an ice age.


The planet’s overpopulation was always my first argument defending homosexuality, and that was before I knew about asexuality… Was never sure if the argument was offensive or not. ^^;;


change your mindset from “if you don’t like the material don’t read/watch/listen to it” to “if you can’t take the criticism don’t write/portray it”

Dear Supernatural: THIS!!!

The things that happen when I’m talking with people.


"So, shall I destroy you using Needle?" she asked slowly, standing up from the throne. One hand lightly stroked the pommel. As the prisoner trembled at her feet, she glanced a the chain that went from her throne to the seat next to it, where The Hound was casually cleaning his fingernails with a knife. "Or do I unchain the dogs?"

The Hound glanced up at her and glared. “It’s bad enough I have this name, do you have to keep making me sound like a pet?”

The room went silent as she turned back to the prisoner. “I’m not sure which punishment I like better yet. Send him to the dungeons while I think.”

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 …Undecided. But I narrowed it down to three: Pokemon AU Dean Winchester, Tangled/Aladdin crossover, or Maleficient fan art.

Chat Rated: G - WTF?! (in words: I don’t know)

Disclaimer: Join me, at your own risk… (I spin the drawing a lot so people might get dizzy).

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